Jakarta has so many tourism places!

Jakarta, who doesn’t know this Metropolitan city. Start with the familiar traffic jam, flood, pollutions, the crowded community and many more. But, don’t get it wrong, Jakarta has so many tourism places!

As the capital city, Jakarta also a central of every government, proved by many Government administration offices here. As a storefront development of the country, of course Jakarta has to be a good example for other cities. The advanced infrastructure also makes Jakarta as the reputable city. That’s why you will find many things here.
Do you want to travel to some relaxing place without going outside the city? Relax, you can visit:
Seribu Islands: relaxing yourself with beautiful nature scenery. Doesn’t have to travel far away from your town. Seribu islands consists of some inhabited islands and some tourism islands. The facilities also complete and has easy access.Pulau Tidung Kecil
Or having fun in Dufan with many attractions you can try on. With many nee vehicles adrenaline, you will feel so excited to ride those on. Or playing water in Snowbay. Swimming pool with snow theme with super fun water games.
Want to get to know more about your cluster? You can visit some famous museums in Jakarta such Museum of puppet or museum of kites.
 Shopping? Clothes, shoes, linen, garment, secondhand, or anything you want. Just say what you are looking for. And visit Senen Market, Mayestik Market, Tanah Abang Market where any kind of thing you could find there.
Want to buy international branded stuffs? Well, Jakarta is the place guys. With many shopping centers spread in whole city, you can hunting in everywhere.
. Want to have fun in hanging out to the nightlife? No more doubt, you will get everything in Jakarta. You can have fun in happening place like UNION Or, having your romantic dinner with city scenery in sky dining. There are some restaurants and café you can choose.
Or, shake your body in dance floor baby, you can visit Prive, with super fun crowd and great music, you can dance till the sunrise.
Looking for lodgings in Jakarta? Itsss supeeer easyyyy. You can find any kind of lodging in every corner of the city. Start with hostel to 5stars world class hotel. just pick wherever you want. Here some cool lodgings in Jakarta
  1. Artotel:. This hotel has super unique street art design. The color is eye catching with quite complete facilities. Well, worth to try.
  2. Hotel Indonesia Kempinski: Well, this luxury hotel is undoubtedly for the facilities. Not just provide car rental but also for helicopter ones.
  1. Grand hyatt Jakarta:. This one is obviously familiar. With number one facilities, you can also shopping In GI nearby the hotel.
There are a loooot of things you can find in Jakarta. Not just shopping tour or culinary tour. You can join some events or fun festivals in Jakarta
Like Shopping in Jackcloth, or sale hunting in Jakarta Great sale or have fun in Djakarta warehouse project. Sooo many fun events in Jakarta start with music festival, shopping, culinary, show, ceremonies and many more!

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